EquaCoin Chapters

The EquaCoin community  is organized in "Chapters", one for each country.  Chapters are promoting, right now,  the Universal Basic Income Project, a monthly income, paid in script currency. You can learn more about the project reading the white paper (in Italian).

Every citizen can join to its national telegram-chapter, asking for help to start a new wallet please ask more via our Help channel on Telegram. 
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The EquaCoin Project

The EquaCoin wallet is the project core, it is a multi-account, multi-currency user interface to Waves blockchain. It offers some additional, business oriented, services such as timestamp for file registration. It is planned to implement a vote framework to involve  users in the process of creating money on a democratic basis. The project's goal is to implement, as much as possible, all four pillars of decentralization including  liquid democracy

EquaCoin Token

EquaCoin is a non-deflationist token 
to start a democratic economy. It has been launched in 2017 on waves blockchain .

Script Money

Script money is digital cash of fiat currencies, at free tender, property of the bearer. The creation of digital cash will be progressively removed from the banking cartel to redistribute its value to the public. Script money are part of the universal income implementation plan to eradicate poverty.

Economic ecosystem

The EquaCoin community creates an economic ecosystem. It is formed by peer-to-peer transactions and buy/sell e-commerce platforms.
Ask more on Help channel or check our first one .

Liquid democracy

 It is a form of democracy whereby an electorate has the option of vesting voting power in delegates rather than voting directly themselves. The community will be called to deliberate on any important decision involving its future.


EquaCoin community is organized in "Chapters" one for each country. If you are interested to raise a Chapter in your country please contact @theSmartObserver via  Help channel on Telegram.


EquaCoin features will be available in outsourcing as custom projects for any kind of community ranging from small villages to very large settlement.